Jonathan Greenburg, DDS1, Jesse Cozean, MBA2* and Colette Cozean, PhD2

Snore Experts, California, USA
The Eye Deas Company, California, USA


Habitual snoring affects millions of individuals and their partners, but often goes unresolved due to the high cost of care and other barriers to treatment. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a novel intraoral device that restrains the tongue in an over-the-counter setting in a population of habitual snorers.


Individuals who self-reported snoring enrolled in the study and were sent an investigational device. After signing the informed consent, they completed an initial questionnaire about their symptoms and another following 10 days of using the device.


A total of 570 individuals completed the study. A significant improvement was noted in the Snoring Severity Scale (67%), how much snoring bothered the individual (52%), and how much snoring bothered the partner (60%), and the frequency of snoring (57%). In total, 91% of users reported benefits from the device. No adverse events were noted, and fewer than 1% reported issues with the fit of the device.


Use of an intraoral device that restrains the tongue demonstrated significant benefit in the reduction of snoring symptoms among habitual snorers. The device does not reposition the mandible, reducing the risk of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) or facial pain. No significant differences were noted in the effectiveness of the device based on body-mass index, age, or gender.


This study demonstrates a novel, affordable, over-the-counter device was able to significantly improve the symptoms of snoring for both individuals and their partners.

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